S3P’s unique, parallel S3 bucket listing algorithm can list 20,000 items/second and copy up to 9 gigabytes / second.

AWS S3 offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance. It’s also relatively easy to work with, at least when working with one file at a time. However, once you load a bucket with terabytes of data and millions of files, doing anything over the whole bucket becomes unwieldy. Even getting statistics about file counts and file sizes becomes challenging.

We created S3P to solve two problems: large-bucket content discovery and cross-bucket copying. In our tests S3P was 15x to 100x…

Modular Design Part 2 — Practical Application
(Modular Design Part 1 — The 5 Essential Elements of Modular Design)

Summary: Modular Redux is a design pattern, not a new dependency. It only uses standard Redux and React. It takes less than half the code compared to traditional Redux/Redux-Toolkit and decreases complexity by almost 3x. Modular Redux is an easy, powerful and scalable way to manage shared state in React applications.

The day of massive, single-page-applications is upon us. Websites are looking more and more like applications and less like collections of pages. The median JavaScript size for the most popular…

Why do we care about modular design? Let me tell you a story about my friend Mike Kelly. In 2016 he took a side job to build a simple course platform. Since it was a side job, and Mike was bored, he offer to do this job at a deeply discounted rate if he could retain rights to the source code. It was a brilliant move. That client had reach, and other people started asking about his work. “This is a really nice platform. It’s really easy to use. It’s fast, and it works well. What is it?”

Mike decided…

This is a re-post of my reply to Please Stop Using console.log — It’s Broken by Luc Claustres.You can read his thoughtful response here.

Debuggers are useful, but logging has capabilities that debuggers can’t compete with: universality, temporality and turing-completeness. My title is entirely a tongue-in-cheek response to the source article maligning console.log. Both debuggers and logging are useful tools for solving problems. Personally though, over 30 years of coding, I’ve found logging to be dramatically more effective for finding tricky bugs. Here’s why:

Debuggers ARE Always Breaking; Logging is Universal

Across languages, debuggers are notoriously unreliable, particularly for compiled code. When they work, they can be…

Redux is great. It lets you persist, restore, log, and investigate your application’s state in a reliable, predictable way. Further, there are lots of great libraries out there like react-redux, redux-devtools and redux-logger which make working with Redux a pleasure… almost.

There’s just one thing. Redux takes an excessive amount of boilerplate to code. The standard way to use Redux is a highly manual, redundant process of dispatching, routing and reducing your state. But it is just that: standard — and that means automatable.

After working on several projects using Redux, and noticing these patterns, I started designing a tool…

I’m curious what medium’s different image-presentation options look like, aren’t you? Let’s find out!

First, the Options

There are four image-placement options in Medium. Your image must be at least 1000 px wide for all four options to show up.

  • Full column-width images ( recommended >1400 px )
  • Out-set images ( recommended > 2040 px )
  • Screen-width images ( recommended > 2500 px )
  • Out-set, float-left images ( medium doesn’t seem to have an official name for these)

Source: https://help.medium.com/hc/en-us/articles/215679797-Images

The options look like this (on Desktop browsers):

Full Column Width

This is the default option. As the name implies, the image is scaled to just…

The future is not what it used to be.

The economy is in a slump. Middle class jobs are being hollowed out. Technology leaders fear machines will replace most jobs. There will be no work for most people. People are generally pessimistic about the future of work. There are endless, vivid doomsday scenarios for the future.

I have another view.

The Luddite Fallacy

“The robots are coming for our jobs.” It’s a familiar yet fallacious trope that goes back at least as far as the original Luddites. They fear when technology makes jobs obsolete, the displaced workers will have difficulty finding new work…

An System for Peaceful Experimentation, Evolution and Revolution of Governments

Governments have many problems and challenges. We talk about them all the time, but there is one problem we rarely talk about. It is so big and seemingly impossible to solve that we skip right past it and worry about the little things we think we can change. The problem is we have no way to create, split, combine, experiment or otherwise fundamentally change governments without violent revolution.

The Government Lifecycle

Governments grow over time. Laws are added but rarely removed. Eventually governments become too bloated and corrupt to be tolerated by their citizens. …

Does your government represents you and your values? If yes, do you think at least 90% of what it does represents your values? Do you approve of 90% of the military spending and military actions? Do you approve of 90% of the health-related spending and regulation? Do you approve of 90% of the taxes imposed and actions required for compliance? Do you approve of 90% the welfare programs?

I don’t think anyone could honestly claim they approve of 90% of what their government does, and yet, shouldn’t that be the test of representation? …

NVC is a framework for making life better for ourselves and others through needs awareness, emotional awareness and effective communication.

There are many insights across the extensive collection of NVC material available. Here, I’ve attempted to collect these insights in one place. It is a whirlwind tour of the wisdom of NVC without much explanation. At the bottom there are several links for if you want to dive deeper.

NVC: Goal of Life

  • Make life more wonderful.

NVC: Needs, Feelings and Actions

  • All human beings share the same needs.
  • The way we get particular needs fulfilled varies by person. (e.g…

Shane Brinkman-Davis Delamore

Head of Technology GenUI.com — Co-Founder Imikimi.com — Designer Programming Evangelist

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